Founded in 2020 Nubian Elixir is an online beauty emporium dedicated to celebrating the expertise of Black owned brands. Our curated collection is more than a marketplace; it's a platform that amplifies the voices and talents of black skincare creators and empowers black owned businesses.

 Meet Our CEO Raquel Ni'kol

The fact that she was hired  as a Manager for her very first job at age 20 now seems   like fate for this Southern California born Co-Founder & C.E.O.  For 15 years she     has honed her skills in Management, Marketing and Sales for iconic brands like   Luxottica, Oakley, and Nike. During childhood she developed a fascination with skin   care from watching her mom who was a model, then later a  freelance make-up   artist  in the Greater Los Angeles area, particularly in Beverly Hills.


Nubian Elixir was founded in 2020. Raquel knew there was something missing, in   the world of Black Beauty... Shelf Space, plus a a marketplace where many dynamic and undiscovered brands could be available, not just locally or on individual sites but  across the entire globe. Most importantly Raquel and her co-founder decided to create a domain where these exquisitely crafted brands could occupy not 8% or 15%, but 100% of the space for a better opportunity to exist, grow, and prosper. Another key component is how the company operates behind the scenes - embracing values that will make clients feel welcome for years to come.


The Company's Core Values:

Integrity: Always operating with the highest standard. Always genuine.

Diversity: Always being a place where everyone's beauty is appreciated.

Quality: Providing amazing products, and premium customer service.

Leadership: Setting the Example. Commitment to Growth. Commitment to Excellence.