Meet Raquel Ni'Kol

    Being hired as a Manager for her very first job at age 18 now seems like   fate for this Southern California born Co-Founder & C.E.O.  For 15 years she has  honed her skills in Management, Marketing and Sales for iconic brands like Luxxotica, Nike, Proactiv, and Bath & Body Works. During childhood she developed a fascination with skin care from watching her mom who was a model, then later a freelance make-up artist in the Greater Los Angeles area, particularly in Beverly Hills.

   Nubian Elixir™ was founded in 2020. The founders knew there was   something missing in the world of Black Beauty... Shelf Space. Raquel decided to create a domain where these exquisitely crafted brands could occupy not 8% or 15%, but 100% of the space for a better opportunity to exist, grow, and prosper.

The Company's Core Values:

Integrity: Always operating with the highest standard. Always genuine. Diversity: Always being a place where everyone's beauty is appreciated. Quality: Providing amazing products, and premium customer service. Leadership: Setting the Example. Commitment to Growth. Commitment to Excellence.

Our Mission: Promoting brands created, managed, and sold by people of color (i.e."melanated" people). Further, Nubian Elixir's™ philosophy is founded on the principle of ensuring that these masterly crafted brands are showcased globally. Our Ultimate Goal? A platform "Where ALL BEAUTY COUNTS, and the Worlds of Beauty & Opportunity Connect.